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Training for Businesses

Business equality training is a tool that has the potential to increase business performance and revenues to a higher standard that most businesses would never even think of.

Using experience and knowledge acquired over many years, Disability Croydon's Disability Equality Training will help any customer who enrols upon this course to gain a share of the 'purple pound' - growing business potential whilst turning a profit.

There are around 11 million disabled people across Great Britain, which is a massive audience for businesses who can best understand and help work around the group needs. This is huge for UK businesses, especially considering that a study conducted shows that British businesses are estimated to be losing around £1.8 billion every month due to the failure of meeting the needs of customers with disabilities.

With multiple years of experience and training, delivered by a team of experts in the field, our Disability Equality training will help increase your profits by pleasing the audience of disabled people, which is imperative since it says a happy customer is more likely to purchase something than an disappointed/upset customer.So in a nutshell, our training will increase you customer satisfaction, and expand your customer base.

Disability Croydon's training provides imperative advice, recognising minimal cost changes that can make mounds of change  to your business and customers.

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